5 Ways Stress Affects Your Teeth and How You Can Avoid It

Everybody reacts differently to stress. Stress and anxiety cause more harm than good to both your oral and overall health. Understandably, pressure, uncertainty, and overwhelming responsibilities can cause stress. However, when under stress, the body releases hormones that can weaken...
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Even after brushing our teeth twice daily, we can’t be sure that we have cleaned every corner of the mouth thoroughly. Food particles and dirt might still be stuck inside the teeth holes and other areas of the dental structure....
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Dental Implant: Natural Tooth Restoration

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots used for complete tooth replacement after tooth loss due to decay, dental trauma, gum disease, or aging. They are considered natural tooth restorations since the artificial tooth roots support full function and prevent loss...
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Smile Makeover: Benefits, Procedure, and Cost

A person’s smile is so powerful. This is the most important and first thing someone notices about you, and it sticks out most of the time. However, not all of us have the best smile; some people may have had...
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5 Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments in NYC

One of the first things that everyone notices about your appearance is your smile. A beautiful smile can open new avenues on the professional and personal front and can boost your confidence. Modern dentistry has evolved a long way, and...
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Your Comprehensive Guide to All You Need to Know About Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies tend to come when you least expect them. Plus, they don’t come with any age restrictions, so your toddler or grandparent can be caught in the thick of things, and you’d be forced to seek the best dentist...
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Can You Be Put to Sleep During Oral Surgery

Can You Be Put to Sleep During Oral Surgery?

Finding out you need oral surgery to treat a dental problem might send chills down your spine. This is because the pain associated with surgical procedures is excruciating in the absence of anesthesia. Although local anesthesia prevents pain, you might...
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When Is It Necessary To Replace A Toothbrush?

When we go to buy brushes from the store, we tend to pick brushes that are beautiful or brushes that have our favorite colors. This is one of the reasons why it is hard to change our toothbrushes. While we...
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What Is The Best Oral Care? Mouthwash Or Brushing?

Introduction The hardest substance in the human body is the teeth. From biology, it is known that the teeth give the face its shape, and they help us chew and digest food. Furthermore, the teeth help us smile, and they...
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Is Saltwater Helpful for Periodontal Disease?

If affected by gum disease, you will likely receive several suggestions to treat the infection from home instead of visiting a periodontist to receive specialized treatment. Thankfully many products are currently available on the shelves of drugstores for treating every...
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