10 Surprising Benefits of Proper Gum Surgery Post Care

10 Surprising Benefits of Proper Gum Surgery Post Care

May 17, 2023 fakt_md_aDmEeN

Gum surgery is a dental procedure that removes diseased or damaged gum tissue. The primary goal of gum surgery is to restore healthy gums and prevent further damage from occurring. During the procedure, your dentist in NYC, NY, will remove any diseased or damaged tissue and then reshape your gums for a healthier, more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Gum surgery can also be used to restore the lost bone structure, reduce pockets between teeth and gums, and improve the oral health of your mouth.

Benefits of Gum Surgery Post Care

The recovery time for periodontal surgery varies depending on the extent of the procedure and the patient’s overall health. Gum surgery recovery can take anywhere from one week to several months.

  1. Reduced Risk of Infection

Gum disease is a serious dental infection that can lead to the loss of teeth. Gingivitis, which starts as inflammation of the gums, is easily treated with a few simple changes in your dental care routine. It’s important to catch it in its earliest stages, as this prevents more severe forms of the disease from developing, like periodontitis.

  1. Reduced Risk of Tooth Loss

Gum surgery is mainly performed to treat advanced periodontal disease (periodontitis). This chronic infection damages the tissue and bone surrounding your teeth, which can lead to tooth loss if left untreated.

  1. Reduces tooth sensitivity

Receding gums can cause tooth sensitivity, but surgery can rectify that. However, you may also experience sensitivity after the procedure. Keep it hydrated! Keeping your mouth well-hydrated can help prevent further inflammation and thus lead to lessened sensitivity.

Avoid acidic foods such as citrus fruits. These foods can cause discomfort due to their high acid content, so if you have sensitive teeth after gum surgery – stick with soft-textured foods such as meats or low-fat dairy products instead!

  1. Better Sleep

Sleeping properly following a surgical procedure can significantly impact your overall recovery. Getting enough rest can help you recover from your oral surgery and feel better.

One way to do this is by sleeping in an elevated position. Whether it’s by putting a pillow or an extra mattress under your head, this will limit swelling and bleeding in the surgical area while also giving your gums time to heal.

  1. Keep your gums healthy

The best way to keep your gums healthy is by practicing proper oral hygiene. Brush your teeth to remove plaque and food debris from between your teeth. Brush for at least two minutes, helping you reach the back of each tooth with each stroke. Use an interproximal brush that gently cleans around each tooth, not just on top of them.

  1. Increased Energy

Your body will be going through a lot after gum surgery. You may be sore, tired, and anxious, but these symptoms will gradually disappear once you get plenty of rest.

  1. Improved Confidence

One of the biggest benefits of proper gum surgery is that it makes people feel more confident about their smiles. Many people with a mouth full of missing teeth and gaps in their teeth can often be very self-conscious about their appearance.

Luckily, proper gum surgery has been proven to affect a person’s confidence positively.

  1. Less swelling

After gum surgery, minimizing swelling by putting cold compresses on your face is a good idea. Use ice packs in 20-minute intervals throughout the day for maximum effect.

It’s also helpful to avoid spitting for three days not to dislodge the blood clot that protects the surgical site.

  1. Less bleeding

In most cases, bleeding is controlled with a gauze pad over the surgical site. It should be left in place for an hour and changed if needed.

Avoid rinsing, spitting, or biting hard on the area for three days to allow the blood to clot. If bleeding persists, firmly apply a moistened tea bag or gauze for 15 minutes, then check the bleeding.

  1. Less Pain

One of the less-known benefits of proper gum surgery post-care is that it typically causes less pain. This is because the gum tissue is not subjected to a prolonged period of irritation after the procedure, and it also allows the tissues to heal quickly and more efficiently.

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