Can Oral Surgery Resolve Problems with My Speech?

July 1, 2022 fakt_md_aDmEeN

You might confront problems with your speech due to various reasons. For example, when the issues are because of teeth misalignment, malocclusion, or premature tooth loss, the problem is often resolved using simple remedies like braces.

Some issues causing speech problems involving the bones require more for the corrections than braces. Some defects that speech problems because of the involvement of bones include:

  • Cleft Palate or Cleft Lip: These congenital disabilities occur when the palate or cleft lip does not entirely develop in the womb. Children with these conditions confront challenges when eating, breathing, hearing, and speech.
  • Tiny Jaw: tiny jawbones result in crowding of the teeth to interfere with the ability to correctly close the mouth to chew food besides interfering with speech.
  • Different Sized Upper and lower Jawbones: This issue causes the teeth to meet incorrectly, resulting in an overbite because of an oversized upper jaw because the top teeth significantly overlap the bottom teeth when the mouth is closed or an underbite from a prominent lower jaw.

There are many reasons why your jaws grow unevenly. However, some issues identified as causes of problems with the jaw include excessive pacifier use beyond age three, jaw injuries, endocrine disorders, and hereditary conditions.

Why Do Problems with the Jaw and Misalignment Affect Speech?

The mouth, tongue, and teeth help make sounds that form words. The combined effort requires the mouth to have the ability to close and allow the teeth to meet correctly and the tongue to press against parts of the teeth and mouth. When you have malocclusion and jaw problems, the functions are challenging to perform. If you have jaw problems related to teeth misalignment, the condition can cause you to whistle when speaking, making your words slur, lisp, or confront other speech problems. In addition, the issues can adversely impact your self-confidence and lead to embarrassment.

At times teeth misalignments or jaw can cause the problem making you confront issues with chewing to interfere with digestion and impact your overall health. You also experience discomfort and distortion of facial features. The situation can frustrate you.

How to Address Speech Problems?

If your speech problem results from your misalignments or sizing, the oral surgeon near Monroe can help you by performing oral surgery combined with tooth extractions and braces to improve the issues you confront with speech dramatically. You can also notice improvements in your facial appearance achieved by performing orthognathic surgery by the oral surgeon.

Your initial appointment includes a discussion to understand your needs for examination of your mouth and teeth by the dentist in Marlboro Township before they prepare you for the surgical procedure by taking photographs, x-rays, and models of your teeth to further evaluate the precise nature of the problem and the work needed to improve your speech. The images and other computer-aided analysis helps the professionals to establish a blueprint on how your jaw requires reshaping. The surgery might also entail the removal of some teeth from the Manalapan dentist.

Post-operative care will include pain medications and providing instructions for diet, work restrictions during your recovery, and activity limitations. Depending on various factors, you might require six to 12 weeks to recover from the procedure. However, the correction of the surgery delivers permanent and significant improvements in your speech and appearance.

If you confront problems with teeth misalignment or issues with jawbone sizing or alignment, there is no reason for you to endure the challenges when remedies are readily available to correct the problems. The experienced Monroe oral surgeon can help improve your speech and appearance, leaving you talking and smiling instead of enduring embarrassment.

You might think undergoing oral surgery is fearsome merely by considering the term. However, if you look at the benefits of procedures like orthognathic surgery, you will undoubtedly change your mind and consider approaching the professionals to get over the issues challenging you and have normal speech and smile similar to everyone else.

If you confront speech problems and are not aware of the reasons, instead of bearing up in silence, you help yourself by scheduling an appointment with Faktor DMD — Manalapan, NJ, to evaluate your teeth and mouth and determine whether you can improve your speech and appearance by undergoing a surgical procedure that has helped many. We are confident you will not express disappointment after your system.

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