Can You Get Dental Implants While Pregnant?

September 17, 2022 fakt_md_aDmEeN

Several months of careful consideration are essential for dental implants to replace missing teeth. However, if you discussed dental implants with your dentist before realizing you were pregnant, you might wonder whether you can proceed to get the implants and go through the surgery during your pregnancy. This article provides information on the dental treatments you can have during pregnancy.

Elective or Essential Dental Treatment

Professionals in the medical fraternity, including dentists, consider the benefits and risks of any process before moving on with it. For example, the midtown dentist, NYC, looks to minimize the risk of harm to patients, especially during pregnancy.

You might have heard about your friends or pregnant family members getting their teeth filled or having wisdom teeth extracted during their pregnancy and wonder whether getting dental implants is similar. Unfortunately, there is a minor difference between essential treatments like getting fillers or removing wisdom teeth and elective treatments like dental implants. Therefore the scales shift, making it necessary for the dentist to consider the benefits and downsides of providing implants during pregnancy.

Infected teeth put your health at risk besides your baby’s, making it essential for you to receive crucial treatments because the risk of neglecting the therapy is higher than moving forward with it. However, if you need dental implants, you don’t face health risks by not receiving them during pregnancy. The chances of going ahead with the surgery have more risks than waiting for dental implants until after your baby arrives. If you are concerned about the gap in your smile, the midtown dentist provides an interim replacement to wear as you wait to receive implants by undergoing the required surgery.

Changes to Oral Health during Pregnancy

The reason to delay getting dental implants in Midtown, NYC, during pregnancy is because of the risks involved due to oral health changes during the sensitive period of your life. Your chances of confronting implant failure are higher during pregnancy because of the oral health changes that affect you. Unfortunately, no studies on the success rates of implant placement during pregnancy are available. However, dentists consider it unethical to perform clinical research on pregnant women because they know the immune system changes that occur during pregnancy. In addition, pregnant women are also vulnerable to pregnancy gingivitis, gestational diabetes, and other conditions that contribute to a higher risk of implant failure among women.

The surgical dentist in midtown, NYC, performs implant surgery on patients needing a single or an entire arch of missing teeth only after evaluating the patient’s general and oral health to deliver excellent outcomes.

Complications After Dental Implant Surgery

Developing fetuses confront no risks from local anesthesia or x-rays that become essential during implant placement. However, dentists refrain from providing the implants because the pregnancy compromises your oral health to make you a patient at risk of infections and implant failure after surgery. When getting dental implants with complications affecting you, your pregnancy significantly impacts treatment options available with dentists for pain and illness.

Pregnancy limits your ability to have many antibiotics; if you develop infections after getting dental implants during pregnancy, you confront challenges taking description medicines or over-the-counter pain relievers to alleviate your symptoms.

The discomfort you experience causes anxiety to put you in a situation inappropriate for you and your baby. Therefore the better option is to wait until your baby arrives before scheduling your appointment for dental implant surgery.


You might express disappointment that you cannot have dental implants while pregnant. However, it doesn’t indicate that you must wait with a toothless grin until after your baby arrives to begin planning for implant placement.

As mentioned earlier, getting implants requires several consultations with specialists such as your dentist, an oral surgeon, a prosthodontist, an anesthesiologist, et cetera. You must schedule appointments with the specialists to discuss every aspect of the dental implant procedure. In addition, X-rays and CT scans become necessary to evaluate your general health and jawbone density. Therefore dentists recommend that you begin planning for your dental implant before your baby arrives. You can start transforming your smile soon after you have delivered to show off a beautiful smile to your baby the first time they smile at you.

Faktor DMD Cosmetic Dentistry & Implants — NYC receives many pregnant women requesting dental implants for loss of teeth. The dental practice requests patients to wait for their baby’s arrival before receiving implants underlining the risks mentioned in this article. If you are considering this replacement solution during pregnancy, you can contact this practice to begin planning for your implants and get them soon after your baby’s arrival.

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