Dental Emergencies Happen: How Do You Confront Them?

Dental Emergencies Happen: How Do You Confront Them?

January 1, 2021 fakt_md_aDmEeN

There cannot be two discussions about whether dental emergencies happen or not. You or a family member may confront a crisis when it is least expected. The dentist near Manhattan understands patients need priority treatment whenever they encounter a dental emergency. It is why they have slots open in their appointment books for patients requiring an emergency dentist.

It is for you to understand help is available just around the corner if you are prepared to look for an emergency dentist in Manhattan. The dentist is available throughout the week and even on weekends. You don’t have to worry when the dental emergency affects you or your family member. You merely need to contact this dentist with confidence knowing full well the problem you are encountering will be dealt with soon.

Why You May Need an Emergency Dentist?

The issue confronting you could be a toothache, a chipped or broken tooth, a knocked-out tooth, denture repairs for an elderly member of the family, or sporting injuries.

When confronted with an unexpected situation, you would naturally panic and wonder what you must do to overcome the discomfort or pain affecting you. You may even consider rushing to the neighborhood pharmacy searching for painkilling medications to alleviate your discomfort. However, before you do so, you must flush your panic down the drain and decide to contact the emergency dentist in midtown Manhattan for help.

A sudden toothache in the evening could result from food particles trapped between your teeth to cause you discomfort into believing you are dealing with a severe problem. Dentists recommend you rinse your mouth and floss your teeth and try to dislodge the food particles to alleviate the pain. If you aren’t successful, you must visit an emergency dentist for the care required.

Toothaches don’t bother you out of the blue beyond the reasons specified above. However, if the discomfort does not subside, you probably have an untreated infection in your mouth needing attention from the dentist right away. The issue could be a cavity needing a filling or even extensive tooth decay resulting in diseases to the tooth’s pulp. In such cases, you may need emergency root canal therapy. You may fear visiting the dentist’s office, but if you want to be free of the pain and preserve your tooth as well, the dentist is your best option to do so.

Sporting Injuries

Your kid may return home with a sporting injury leaving them with a knocked-out tooth. In such cases, instead of trying to put the tooth back into its socket, you must first contact the dentist for advice. Try to clean the tooth, holding it by the Crown without touching the roots. Rinse the tooth in clean water for under 10 seconds and try to keep it in the kid’s mouth between their cheeks and gums. Suppose you are fearful of your kid swallowing the tooth, store it in a cup of milk, and rush to the dentist’s office trying to reach there within 30 minutes. Any delay in getting to the dentist’s office within the time specified will result in your child needing a replacement solution that proves considerably expensive.

Denture Repairs

An elderly member of the family may drop or damage their dentures in many ways. You may not think damaged dentures are an emergency, but leaving them unrestored ensures your family member’s discomfort besides keeping them undernourished until you have the dental appliance repaired. In this case, you don’t need to reach an emergency dentist within 30 minutes but can even make an appointment the following day requesting for same-day services that most emergency dentists provide. They will try to complete the denture repairs as soon as possible to ensure your family member is back to their best.

Dental emergencies are un-preventable but can undoubtedly be avoided by caring for your teeth appropriately. If you are diligent with your dental appointments, every six months, your dentist detects problems with your teeth and gums and recommends a treatment plan for you to follow. Confronting dental emergencies by panicking is not the way forward because it only increases your anxiety. The better option would be to care for your teeth appropriately, as recommended by your dentist, and have a treatment plan in hand that helps to avoid these situations. However, despite your attempts, if you ever confront a dental emergency, you can contact the Manhattan dentist for assistance that is happily provided.

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