Dental Implant: Natural Tooth Restoration

Dental Implant: Natural Tooth Restoration

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Dental implants are replacement tooth roots used for complete tooth replacement after tooth loss due to decay, dental trauma, gum disease, or aging. They are considered natural tooth restorations since the artificial tooth roots support full function and prevent loss of jawbone. Dental implant surgery is a part of general dentistry in NYC provided to replace your missing teeth with artificial ones similar to natural teeth in function and appearance.

There are different types of dental implants and different methods of placing implants. Each type of dental implant comes in different sizes based on where it needs to be placed in the mouth, individual spacing, and availability of jaw bone. Methods for placing implants depend on the strength of your jawbone and dental needs. Search for the best dentist in NYC who will help determine which type of implant and method is suitable for you.

Types of Dental Implants

There are three types of implants provided by the dentist in NYC to restore your missing teeth.

  1. Endosteal Implants

These implants are safe, effective, stable, and feel like natural teeth. However, they require the patient to have sufficient jawbone health and density since the implants are screwed into it. Endosteal implants are shaped like screws and fuse with the jawbone to create a stronghold for the prosthetics.

  1. Subperiosteal Implants

Subperiosteal implants are used for patients with a natural narrow jawbone ridge or a jawbone that has been worn down due to gum disease or trauma. These implants are not fixed into the jawbone but on top of it beneath the gum.

  1. Zygomatic Implants

These are not commonly used since they require a complicated procedure. Zygomatic implants are for patients who cannot have endosteal or subperiosteal implants. They are placed on the cheekbone rather than the jawbone.

Dental Implant Methods

Your prosthodontist may use any of the methods below for placing your dental implants in NYC.

  • Teeth in a Day or Immediate Load Dental Implants

This method allows you to be fitted with replacement teeth without waiting for the usual time required for your gums to heal. Instead, the dentist gives you your smile back on the same day as the implant placement, using temporary teeth as the implant heals. Once the area is healed and firm, you will receive a permanent prosthetic.

  • Single Tooth Implants

A single implant is used to replace a missing tooth that looks and functions like your natural teeth.

  • All-On-4®

This is a suitable method for patients who have lost several or all of their teeth and require a full set of lower or upper replacement teeth. The all-On-4 method does not require bone grafting as four dental implants are placed in the available jawbone and a temporary set of teeth placed immediately. The temporary teeth are replaced with permanent ones after six months.

  • Multiple Implants

Individuals who are missing several teeth but do not require a full mouth replacement benefit from this method. Multiple implants are placed only on the areas of the jawbone with large gaps.

  • Single-Stage implant

After surgery to place the dental implant, the healing cap remains visible. This enables the abutment and temporary teeth to be attached without surgery since the implant’s head is exposed.

  • Two-stage implants

This method takes place over several months. During the first stage, a surgical procedure is carried out to place the implant into the jawbone. The second stage occurs months later, where a minor surgery is performed to attach an abutment and crown.

  • Mini Implants

Mini implants are suitable for the job if you have a lower denture that needs to be stabilized. They are small implants placed through less-invasive techniques to prevent the spontaneous shifting of a lower denture.

Benefits of Dental Implants for Dental Restoration

  1. Dental implants stabilize and support the jaw by preventing the remaining teeth from shifting out of position and changing jaw alignment.
  2. Your appearance is improved since your new set of teeth appears and functions similar to natural teeth.
  3. You can speak without a lisp or fear that your false teeth will fall out since implants are fixed into the jawbone.
  4. Chewing and biting functions of the teeth are restored since implants distribute biting force and natural teeth.
  5. They prevent gradual shrinking of the jawbone, which happens when you chew and bite with your gums at the site of the missing teeth. When it shrinks, you may appear older since your mouth and face appear shrunken.
  6. Implants ensure that the jawbone stays strong and healthy.
  7. Dental implants are durable and help improve your oral health.

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