Do You Know CEREC®️ You Can Get a Dental Crown in One Visit!

Do You Know CEREC®️ You Can Get a Dental Crown in One Visit!

December 6, 2022 fakt_md_aDmEeN

An accident can leave your tooth chipped and vulnerable. In addition, the crack can make it hard for you to eat some of your favorite foods. The good news is that the Manalapan dentist can install a dental crown to restore the function of your tooth. In addition, there are crowns that are made with CEREC technology ensuring your tooth crown is completed in just one visit.

This article will give you all the vital information you need about CEREC®️ dental crowns and why you should opt for them.

Why Do You Require a Crown?

Your teeth have their natural crown. However, the crown can be damaged due to trauma or tooth decay. The crown is an essential part of your tooth as it offers an anchorage for your tooth, making it solid and stable. When you fall and damage your crown, you might notice that your tooth is shaky.

When you visit the dentist who performs dental restoration in Manalapan, they will install ade crown to restore the function of your tooth. Moreover, the tooth crown will make your tooth stronger.

You might also require a tooth crown after root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is an invasive procedure that leaves your tooth weak. However, with a tooth crown in place, it can provide anchorage for your tooth as it heals from the surgery.

Genetics, poor oral hygiene, and malnutrition are reasons your tooth can become misshapen. The good news is that you can visit the dental office near you, and the dentist can install a crown to straighten your tooth.

Foods and drinks like coffee, red wine, popsicles, and slushies can stain your teeth. However, the dentist can recommend a tooth crown for your discolored teeth. A tooth crown can be a great alternative if your teeth are not strong enough to undergo teeth whitening. Unfortunately, some teeth whitening products can be too abrasive on your vulnerable teeth.

How Does CEREC® Offer Tooth Crown in a Single Visit?

You will need two visits when you opt for the traditional crown. The first visit is where the dentist will make an impression of the affected tooth. The impression will then be sent to the lab to make the tooth crown.

Once your crown has been made, which might take several weeks, you will be called back to the dental office so the dentist can install it. This is after you’re satisfied with how the crown looks on your tooth.

However, you can opt for a CEREC® tooth crown made in a single dental visit. The tooth impression is made in just a few minutes, thanks to CAM technology. This is through the house milling device, which makes the custom-fitting tooth crown.

What To Expect During the Installation?

Installing a crown made by CEREC is quite the same as the typical tooth crown. However, if your tooth is cracked, the dentist will fill the cracks and prepare the tooth to ensure the crown fits well.

Next, tooth impressions are taken to ensure the resulting tooth crown fits perfectly. The dentist will instruct you to bite down on a tray of goop for a few minutes. You might repeat this step until the impression taken is accurate.

The dentist will then review the impression taken on a computer by utilizing a 3D digital system. Through the computer, the dentist will ensure that the tooth crown matches the color of your other teeth.

If you’re satisfied with the images that the dentist will show you of the resulting crown, he will then use the CEREC® machine to mill your tooth crown. The milling process will take about 10 to 20 minutes.

The good thing with CEREC® tooth crowns is that no temporary crown will be installed as the dentist will install the CEREC® tooth crown once it has been milled from the device.

So, if you’re on a tight schedule and still require a crown for your affected tooth. CEREC® tooth crown will fit you. This is because you don’t have to schedule multiple appointments to have the crown fixed: one visit is enough. Therefore, head to FaktorDMD – Manalapan, NJ, and our dentist will fix your tooth crown in just one visit!

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