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While getting a 24-hour dentist may sound great, avoiding and preventing situations that require such service is significant as it is less costly, less painful, and safer. An emergency dental service is not the best option as the urgency of situations can lead to other complications, so it is exceedingly important to handle pain before possible escalation.

A dental emergency is an issue with your oral health that requires the urgent attention of a dentist. Some of these dental emergencies are injury in the mouth, severe toothache, or knocked-out tooth.

Some of the habits that can help you avoid dental emergencies are:

Keep clean oral hygiene

Endeavor to brush your teeth twice daily and floss at least once a day while using the recommended toothpaste and mouthwash. These practices would go a long way in protecting your teeth from unnecessary problems, as the most common cause of toothache is poor oral health. If not treated, it could become worse and detrimental to your health.

You can avoid gum disease, cavities, tooth decay, and several dental issues with good oral hygiene.

Keep up with regular dental checkups.

A professional checkup would allow the dentist to determine the state of your oral health and discover any problem before they become an emergency. In a dental examination, the dentist would look for weak spots in the teeth that could lead to broken teeth if not treated.

The dentist can also help remove plaques and tartar from the teeth before they cause tooth decay or discolored teeth.

The American Dental Association recommends that patients create a dental checkup routine with the dentist according to individual oral health.

Avoid eating hard food.

Crunchy hard food with nuts can be fun and tasty until it results in broken teeth. You increase the chances of getting injured if you continue to eat popcorn nuts, hard candies, bones from meat, ice cubes, or objects like pen covers.

To protect your teeth from a dental emergency, all of these habits should be avoided. Sugar-free gum should be handy to help stop these habits, which is better for your oral health.

Do not use the teeth as a tool.

Do not be quick to use your teeth as a tool to open sealed containers or bottles. Instead, utilize an opener or scissors for these tasks and use the teeth for eating and chewing alone.

Using the teeth as a tool can lead to a broken or chipped tooth that would eventually require an unplanned emergency.


Sealants are known as a protective dental restoration for children, but adults equally use them. This thin plastic layer is painted on the back teeth used in chewing (molars) to protect the teeth from harboring particles that could not be removed by tooth brushing and flossing, triggering plaque build-up by bacteria.


Vitamin helps build your body system to fight and resist diseases in the same way that vitamin A, B, and C help protect the gums against gum disease, and vitamin D helps build strong teeth. With daily intake of vitamins, one is sure of healthy, strong teeth.

Protect your smile

A mouthguard effectively protects the teeth against grinding, excessive wear and tear of the teeth, or sports accidents.

Patients who engage in sports activities should always use a mouthguard, and for others who have issues with teeth grinding, this oral protection can be of great help.

Emergency dentistry is not a recommended solution to dental problems as it is often characterized by too much worry, rush and may lead to more significant issues. It should be avoided entirely by visiting a doctor at the beginning of the first signs of any dental problems to get adequate treatment before any escalation.

However, sometimes it can be possible to find yourself in need of emergency dental service and may need immediate treatment. This could be because of an accident or any unforeseen circumstance. In that situation, you should search for a “24 hor dentist” near me to get a directory of emergency dental services close to you and ask for instant help.

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