How Effective Is Laser Treatment for Gum Disease?

How Effective Is Laser Treatment for Gum Disease?

July 17, 2023 fakt_md_aDmEeN

Recently laser gum surgery has become widespread for treating moderate to severe periodontal disease. Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation is the complete form of LASER.

Your dentist may suggest laser gum surgery in contrast to traditional procedures like gum flap surgery, although lasers can also help with other procedures. For example, lasers can help address a gummy smile for aesthetic purposes and to perform gum contouring. In addition, lasers are approved by the FDA for periodontic processes, endodontic procedures, oral surgery, and teeth whitening.

Evidence indicates laser gum surgery is safe and effective in treating many dental conditions, including gum disease. Although the American Dental Association has yet to approve lasers for treating gum disease, the American Academy of Periodontology believes that appropriate therapy provides additional benefits over traditional treatments. Therefore if you are considering laser gum surgery, you must use a periodontist with the training and experience to perform laser therapy in NYC.

How Laser Periodontal Therapy Treats Gum Disease?

If you need gum disease treatment and opt for laser therapy, the lasers can cut and remove diseased tissue or coagulate blood vessels to form clots and kill germs and bacteria while sterilizing the area.

Lasers function by creating an energy change in atoms as the laser light shifts atoms from their resting state to an exciting state. The shifting causes the atoms to produce energy identified as spontaneous emission. When the atoms return to the resting state, they emit light particles called photons to provide the energy needed to perform some functions, like cutting tissue without using a scalpel.

Lasers can also help remove hardened plaque and tartar around the tooth root beneath the gum. The dentist in NYC can smooth the root to remove rough spots that attract bacteria to cause further infections. The region between the tooth and gums regenerates later during your recovery.

How Long Does It Take Gums to Recover After Laser?

Your gums require less time to heal after undergoing laser gum treatment. The time needed is fewer days than traditional scaling and root planing or other surgeries with conventional dental tools. As the need for scalpel and cutting are eliminated, laser procedures require no sutures and reduce post-operative bleeding. In addition, laser gum treatment is supported by dental insurance.

Why Should You Prefer Laser Gum Disease Treatment?

Although the American Dental Association has not approved using lasers for gum disease treatment, they have mentioned that many dentists are currently promoting laser treatment for gum disease to patients over traditional surgical techniques. Dentists are recommending laser therapy for the following reasons:

  • Bleeding is limited by laser gum disease treatment because it helps remove and kill bacteria causing the infection without using scalpels to cut the gum tissue.
  • Dentists have comprehensive control over the procedure because it helps them to tailor a solution that meets patient needs. The treatment can also be customized for specific patients if necessary.
  • Laser gum disease treatment is minimally invasive to significantly reduce patients’ anxiety and pain, making local anesthesia unnecessary.
  • Laser treatments help preserve the healthy parts of your teeth while eliminating cavities.
  • Most importantly, laser gum sterilization treatment has shorter healing times than conventional surgery because trauma to the teeth is eliminated besides the gums and surrounding areas.

Laser gum disease treatment is a nonsurgical therapy for treating gum disease where the dentist utilizes a laser to access the infected area and eradicate the infected bacteria and tissue. It is an excellent alternative to traditional gum surgery because it enables the dentist to complete treatment without cutting and stitching, causing less discomfort to patients. Lasers also sterilize the infected pockets making it optimal if you need this therapy to manage a moderate or severe periodontal disease that might have caused many complications in your mouth, making you vulnerable to tooth loss and other medical conditions.

If traditional gum disease treatment scares you, to refrain from visiting your dentist, inquire about laser treatment for gum disease, which many dental offices are now practicing. However, it is best to rely on something other than online reviews but visit a nearby dental practice offering laser gum disease treatment and discuss your situation with the dentists seeking information on their expertise and experience in providing laser therapy for gum disease.

If affected by gum disease and looking for a nonsurgical therapy to deal with the condition, Factor DMD — NY provides laser gum disease treatment in NYC. Kindly arrange a meeting with the dental practice to discuss your needs and receive treatment by a customized treatment plan specifically for you from them.

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