How Laser Dentistry Is Effective in Treating Gum Disease

July 17, 2022 fakt_md_aDmEeN

Patients suffering from gum diseases may find it difficult to treat their dental problems with outdated dental technology. However, with the introduction of advanced dental laser technology, preventing gum diseases from advancing to dental emergencies has been made easier.

Laser dentistry in NYC allows patients with severe gum diseases to improve their oral health through highly focused light beams aimed at damaged gum tissue. In addition, the procedure is minimally invasive and offers the same and even better results than alternative treatment methods.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry uses laser technology to treat various dental problems, mainly consisting of gum-related diseases. Lasers were first used in dental procedures in 1989 to treat hard and soft tissue problems.

When you go to a dental clinic for laser treatment, they will use a focused light beam to remove the damaged part of your gums. You’ll be comfortable during the entire process since laser treatment is not invasive.

Including Laser Treatment to Bigger Treatment Plans

Even though lasers in dental procedures are new and not yet considered mainstream, recent stats show that it is rapidly growing as an alternative for gum surgery in NYC.

Since lasers are precise, your dentist can calibrate them to only target damaged tissues ensuring the healthy ones are not damaged during treatment.

Various restorative and cosmetic procedures have benefited from laser technology. A few include:

Biopsy: when you go for routine dental checkups, your dentist may recommend cancer tests if they notice swelling on the gum tissue. If that happens, they may prefer using lasers when removing small amounts of tissue for cancer screening.

Tooth Decay: lasers can be used to prepare an infected tooth for a dental filling. When preparing your tooth, we might use lasers to remove the decayed part of your tooth so as to prepare the tooth enamel.

Gum Disease: when you go for a root canal treatment, We can use laser beams to remove bacteria inside the gums and reshape them once complete.

Tooth Discoloration: during an in-office dental cleaning, your dentist may use lasers to activate the bleaching cream applied during tooth whitening so as to speed up the time taken for results to start showing.

Why You Should Opt For Laser Treatment

Less Painful

When dental lasers are used, they produce a strong narrow light beam. This beam of light can seal nerve endings inside an open wound and lead to a reduction in dental pain. Because of this, most procedures using laser technology require no sedation or anesthesia for pain relief.

Reduced Bleeding

Most restoration procedures require the dentist to make an incision on the damaged soft tissue, often resulting in bleeding. Fortunately, you can expect your wound to bleed less if opted for laser treatment. That is because, in laser treatment, the wound gets sealed while the procedure is still being carried out, causing the blood to clot instantly.

Healing Is Fast

The use of lasers in dental procedures leads to immediate wound cauterization. The immediate clotting of blood during laser procedures causes the wound to heal much faster; thus, patients experience a shorter recovery time than those who underwent other treatment options.

Impressive Treatment Results

Patients who underwent dental treatment from a midtown dentist in NYC were more than satisfied with the results. The light and heat produced by lasers sterilize tissues, significantly reducing the risks of infection. Furthermore, lack of excessive bleeding and trauma minimizes the chances of post-treatment complications.

Treatment Is Comfortable and Relaxing

Lasers do not produce a lot of noise when functioning compared to dental drills and other tools. The lack of noise production helps anxious patients, especially children, to become more relaxed and comfortable during treatment.


Dental lasers offer many benefits and reduce the risks of complications. It also reduces discomfort, bleeding, and recovery time. For the best laser treatment in NYC, visit FaktorDMD Cosmetic Dentistry & Implants- NYC. We have the best dentist in NYC who is highly skilled and experienced in using advanced dental technology when offering quality dental services.

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