How to Keep Clear Aligners Clean: Essential Tips

How to Keep Clear Aligners Clean: Essential Tips

August 1, 2023 fakt_md_aDmEeN

Clear aligners have become increasingly popular for teeth straightening, offering a discreet and convenient alternative to traditional metal braces. These removable aligners are custom-made to fit snugly over your teeth, gently guiding them into proper alignment over time. However, to ensure the effectiveness of clear aligners and maintain good oral hygiene, it is crucial to keep them clean. In this article, we’ll discuss essential tips on how to stay clear aligners clean, as recommended by your dentist at 07726.

Establish a Routine

When you maintain a regular dental cleaning routine, it’s essential to keep your clear aligners clean. You should make a habit of cleaning your Invisalign just as you brush your teeth twice a day. This consistency will help prevent bacteria buildup and keep your aligners fresh.

Remove Aligners Before Eating or Drinking

To prevent staining and damage to your aligners, removing them before eating or drinking anything other than water is essential. Food particles and beverages can get trapped between the aligners and your teeth, leading to bacteria growth and bad breath.

Rinse Aligners Every Time

Whenever you remove your clear aligners, rinse them thoroughly with lukewarm water. This simple step will help remove saliva and any residual food particles, keeping your aligners clean and free from odour-causing bacteria.

Brush Aligners Gently

Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, gently brush your aligners to remove any remaining debris. Avoid using toothpaste or harsh cleaners, as they can scratch the aligners’ surface and create a breeding ground for bacteria. Instead, consider using a mild antibacterial soap or an aligner cleaning solution recommended by a dentist in a dental office near you.

Soak Aligners Regularly

To maintain the clarity and hygiene of your clear aligners, it is advisable to soak them in a denture or aligner cleaning solution regularly. Follow the instructions provided or consult your dentist for specific recommendations. Soaking helps eliminate stubborn stains, prevents discoloration, and kills bacteria that may accumulate over time.

Avoid Hot Water and Harsh Chemicals

Exposing your clear aligners to hot water can cause warping or distortion, rendering them ineffective. Therefore, always use lukewarm water when rinsing or soaking your aligners. Similarly, avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach, alcohol-based mouthwashes, or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the aligners and compromise their clarity.

Keep Aligners Hygienically Stored

When not wearing your clear braces, it’s crucial to store them in a clean and hygienic case. Always use the case provided by your local dentist or orthodontist, as it is specifically designed to keep your aligners safe and protected from bacteria and potential damage.

Clean Your Teeth Before Wearing Aligners

Before putting your clear braces back on, ensure that your teeth are thoroughly cleaned. Brush and floss meticulously to remove any food particles or plaque that may have accumulated. This practice will keep your aligners clean and contribute to overall oral health.

Schedule Regular Dental Check-ups

Routine visits to your dentist at FaktorDMD in Manalapan, NJ, are crucial when undergoing any cosmetic dentistry treatment. Your dentist will assess the progress of your teeth straightening journey and provide valuable advice on how to maintain proper oral hygiene, including keeping your clear aligners clean.

Things to Avoid When Cleaning Your Aligners

Properly cleaning your aligners is crucial for maintaining their effectiveness and hygiene. However, it’s equally important to know what not to do when cleaning them. Below, we will discuss what you should avoid when cleaning your invisible aligners.

Abrasive Toothpaste

Unlike your natural teeth, aligners are more delicate and require special care. It is essential to avoid using regular toothpaste to clean your aligners. Many types of toothpaste contain abrasive properties that can lead to scratches on the plastic resin of your aligners. These scratches not only compromise the appearance of your aligners but also diminish their effectiveness in straightening your teeth. If you prefer toothpaste, ensure it is in small quantities and labelled explicitly as non-abrasive.

Colored Mouthwash

While mouthwash is a common part of oral hygiene routines, it is essential to avoid using coloured mouthwash on your aligners. Coloured mouthwashes contain pigments that can stain the clear plastic material of your aligners, compromising their transparency and aesthetic appeal.

Harsh Cleaning Agents

Although it’s essential to keep your clear aligners clean, avoid using harsh cleaning agents such as abrasive cleaners and bleach. These substances can damage your clear aligners’ material, leading to scratches or discoloration. Stick to mild cleaning solutions specifically designed for aligners, or consult your dentist for suitable cleaning recommendations.

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