Rebecca’s Story: The Perfect Wedding Day Smile

Rebecca’s Story: The Perfect Wedding Day Smile

April 10, 2015 Dr Derek Faktor

As a dentist, I often find myself privy to my patients’ good news, like a pregnancy or an engagement. Such was the case with one of my patients, Rebecca, who had recently been engaged to be married. Rebecca confided in me that she was self-conscious about how her teeth would look on her wedding day. This is Rebecca’s story.

Rebecca and her mother spent a long weekend in New York City searching for the perfect wedding dress. In the end, she found the dress of her dreams. It was a satin, lily-white gown that was not only flattering, but embodied her personality as well. She was ecstatic.

Proudly wearing the dress that she had found, she had her mother snap a few photos, but she was upset when she saw how the bright white dress accentuated the yellow stains on her teeth. Her bridal consultant suggested that she find a darker shade of white, noting that a bride should never wear a dress that is whiter than her teeth.

Rebecca was devastated, as her heart was set on that one white dress and she wouldn’t settle for any other shade of white. So, Rebecca contacted my office and we immediately developed a treatment plan to ensure that her smile would be healthy, radiant, and white in time for her wedding day.

Within a month, Rebecca had a brand new smile that, in her words, had “exceeded all of her expectations”. In fact, she said that she never knew she could look and feel so good. I work with men and women of all ages, but it was Rebecca who made me realize just how important having the perfect smile can be to a soon-to-be bride who is planning her perfect wedding day.

I take great pride in my ability to create this sort of happiness for my patients.

Rebecca got the husband, the smile, and the dress of her dreams. Now, when she looks back at her wedding album, she sees nothing but beauty. She’s proud of her wedding day smile and she’s happy that she didn’t have to settle on a different wedding dress.

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