Responding to a Dental Emergency

Responding to a Dental Emergency

August 1, 2020 fakt_md_aDmEeN

Nothing is worse than realizing that there is something wrong with your mouth. Some of the scenarios might need immediate attention, while others can wait until your next appointment. Do you know what your dentist would consider being a dental emergency? Do you know how can respond appropriately to a dental emergency?

The following are what a dentist would consider being a scenario that requires urgent dental care, NJ:

  • When you fall and injure your mouth
  • Abscessed gums
  • Excruciating pain
  • Knocked-out tooth
  • Infection
  • Mouth sores
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Chipped or broken tooth cap
  • Profuse bleeding
  • Swelling

How Should I Respond to Each Scenario?

In case you experience any of the scenarios above, the first step is contacting your emergency dentist and booking an appointment. However, you can take some first aid measures to reduce pain and distress. For each scenario, you can:

  • Injured Mouth

Do you have a full set of permanent teeth? Losing even a single tooth in an accident would affect the functions and appearance of your teeth. When you fall or get involved in an accident, your tooth or more can fall off or become loose.

In such a scenario, call your dentist and explain the situation. The dentist will guide you on what to do. You can also ask your dentist to check if your jaw for any fractures.

  • Abscessed Gums

Abscessed gums are a common dental emergency, but are not noticeable until the problem has progressed. Initially, an abscess looks like a pimple. An abscess means your gums are infected, which can result in tooth extraction or a root canal.

When you are in such a situation, call your dentist immediately. Do not pop the abscess since it can result in other complications. To reduce the pain, gurgle using clove oil.

  • Excruciating Pain

Most dental emergencies are accompanied by excruciating pain. The extent of discomfort determines how you should handle the situation. If you bite down and feel pain, it can be as a result of a broken tooth. In such a case, consult your dentist immediately and explain your situation. To reduce pain use an over the counter pain relievers.

  • Knocked-Out Tooth

If your tooth is knocked out in an accident or a fight, you should make an effort to visit a dentist in an hour. To save your tooth, collect it from the ground, clean it without removing any root tissue, and store it in milk or saliva. Finally, carry the knocked-out tooth to the dentist’s office. You can also use pain relievers to reduce the pain.

  • Infections

Infections, if left untreated, cause other general health complications such as heart disease. Therefore, if you have an infection, book an appointment with your dentist for urgent care. You can also use Tylenol to alleviate pain

  • Mouth Sores

Mouth sores can range from canker food, hand, mouth infections. However, they can also be signs of gum disease. If you have a sore in your mouth, you can rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide or warm salty water. Next, book an appointment with your dentist.

  • Tooth Sensitivity

Your teeth are sensitive to temperature. You can experience when biting on ice or drinking hot tea or coffee. Most of the time, tooth sensitivity is not considered an emergency. However, you can make effort to find the cause of the problem.

  • Broken or Chipped Tooth Cap

Do you have a taste of coins in your mouth? The taste could be as a result of a broken or chipped crown. Contact your dentist immediately in such a situation.

  • Profuse Bleeding

Bleeding after flossing is a sign of gum disease. Also, if you are experiencing excessive bleeding from a tooth socket, call your dentist immediately. Then apply a cold compress on the face over the site of bleeding. The cold compress will slow the bleeding.

  • Swelling

Swelling can be a result of an infection. In case you have a persistent swelling, contact your dentist immediately and avoid lying flat.

Taking Care of Your Teeth

It is important to take care of your permanent teeth since they are irreplaceable. Therefore, ensure that you observe oral hygiene and visit a dentist regularly.

If you need urgent dental care, Dr. Faktor Manalapan, NJ, is open for an appointment at any time. You can book an appointment with him at your convenience.

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