Self Care: Putting You First

Self Care: Putting You First

May 1, 2015 Dr Derek Faktor

Every so often our bodies remind us that we are being neglected. We feel guilty when we over indulge on carbs or miss a trip to the gym. Its our internal reality check that keeps us on the path to wellness. Why do we hear ourselves say how hard it was to throw on a pair of sneakers and go for a jog but afterwards we feel so great. These are the rewards for giving back to ourselves. Whether it’s that extra kick of endorphins or knowing our cholesterol is just perfect we end up with a peace of mind knowing we did ourselves a solid by putting our own needs first.

Each one of us can share our own story about living healthy and enjoying life. We should encourage each other to live clean and promote awareness.

Our age shouldn’t be a reminder that its time to visit the doctor. Routine annual visits are strongly recommended. Set your calendar for twice a year visits to the dentist. Learn and be inquisitive to the latest trends and technologies. We should all feel fresh clean and alive and know that there really isn’t a difference between being young and feeling young.

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