Smile Makeovers: The Simple Process to A Perfect Smile

Smile Makeovers: The Simple Process to A Perfect Smile

April 10, 2015 Dr Derek Faktor

Most patients are surprised to learn how quick and painless a Smile Makeover can be. When someone comes to me, unhappy with their smile, I first spend time with them to understand their concerns. Once I feel I fully understand their needs, I take them through our four step process:

STEP ONE: Facial Analysis

During this visit we discuss your desires, expectations and begin the information/record gathering phase of treatment.  Then I begin the analysis, also known as facial aesthetic design. This method is used to create a new healthy and beautiful smile by interrelating facial features with the teeth.   For example, tooth loss or improper positioning of teeth can have a negligible effect on a patients appearance.  Tooth loss of malposition can appear as a loss of facial volume which is associated with aging.  In addition to volume loss, tooth malposition can also give a patient the appearance of darker teeth as well as a multitude of different tooth colors due to the way light reflects differently off each individual tooth.  There are many variables based on the individual and during this phase of treatment we begin to understand the facial support you will personally need.This includes and is not limited to your lips, cheek bones and lower third of your face, which are greatly influenced by how your teeth are positioned and supported.

In this step, I will also educate you on how such changes may improve your overall appearance and in most cases, improve tooth function and digestion.  (Added benefits include added lip support which counter act the aging process whereby lips  lose there elastic properties through collagen breakdown.)

Before you leave your visit, we’ll take impressions and molds along with high-resolution images. Information is then used to create a design similar to how an architect uses a blueprint to design a new home. This design gets processed between a Master Dental Ceramist and myself. The design will then be used to create prototypes and final ceramics during the next phase of treatment.

STEP TWO: Prototypes

In this step, we will begin your transformation. We’ll cautiously shape your teeth and fit them with the custom prototypes we created for you. These will transition you into your final ceramics. The prototypes allow you to get a feel for how your teeth will look and also affords you the opportunity to make suggestions as well as corrections to the final design. Prototypes are made of a hardened tooth colored resin that comes in a variety of different shades.   Information from the prototypes are then transferred to the Master Ceramist to begin the crafting phase.

STEP THREE: Crafting Your Teeth

I’ll work with a Master Ceramist to create custom porcelain ceramics or veneers for your smile and face. Modern technology offers us a wide range of dental porcelain materials that are both extremely durable and highly aesthetic.

STEP FOUR:  Bonding & Review

During this last, very exciting step, I will remove the prototypes from your teeth. Then I’ll bond each ceramic individually for your new, beautiful smile!

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