Things to Do Before Root Canal

Things to Do Before Root Canal

January 17, 2022 fakt_md_aDmEeN

A root canal is a procedure that is utilized to mend and save a badly damaged tooth instead of removing it completely. This procedure is needed when the dental pulp, which contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue, is infected with bacteria. This can lead to decay, pulp death, or tooth loss.

The signs of the infection include swelling around your face and neck, toothache, gum swelling, and dentin hypersensitivity. FaktorDMD Cosmetic Dentistry & Implants have the best dentists in New York City who offer the best root canal treatment and root canal procedures. Below are things to do before root canal treatment:

  1. Have an Overview of What Root Canal Is

A root canal is a procedure used to save a tooth that has been severely damaged so as not to remove it. The procedure is done instead of getting an artificial tooth as it is simpler, and keeping the dead tooth will help you speak better and chew food better than an artificial one. This procedure is done to prevent the infected area from spreading to the rest of the tooth.

It is important to have your tooth covered with a crown after the procedure, as it needs protection from breakage.

There are pros of having a root canal procedure, and they include: keeping the tooth, you do not lose the bone around the tooth, you do not have to extract the whole tooth, and the procedure is efficient, cost-effective, and a pain-free procedure.

The cons of undergoing this procedure are that there is no 100% clean root canal treatment, it can weaken the tooth, and a person has to sit with their mouth open throughout the procedure.

  1. Why Root Canals Are Needed

When an individual has a painful tooth that is decaying, it becomes necessary to undergo the procedure. In doing so, it prevents infection of other teeth that are not infected by the bacteria.

Some symptoms that imply you need a root canal are: pimples on the gums, tooth sensitivity, deep decay on the gums, swollen gums, chipped teeth, and severe pain while drinking beverages or chewing food.

It is also important to note that a patient may prefer going through the operation other than taking out the whole tooth. This is entirely upon the patient and the dentist.

It is imperative to ask several questions before agreeing to the treatment. First, is the root canal necessary? Are there options? How deep is the infection, and will it spread? Can the tooth recover without going through the operation? These questions will help the patient decide whether or not to undergo the treatment.

  1. Preparing for Your Root Canal

Once you’ve determined that you require a root canal, it is important to take antibiotics before the operation. This is because the infection on your tooth can spread and lead to further complications. You should avoid alcohol and tobacco for a full 24 hours before the treatment. This is important as the anesthesia injected into the gums may have an adverse reaction to tobacco and alcohol.

You should also ask your dentist questions about the operation and what foods can be eaten after the procedure. There are hard foods that can lead to pain when chewing as the procedure makes the tooth enamel weak leading to breakage.

Getting a full night’s sleep before and after the root canal treatment is vital as most repairs that a body goes through happen during sleep, making recovery better.

  1. Visit Endodontics Dentistry to Know More About Root Canal

The best way to get more information about root canal procedures is by visiting an endodontist near you. An endodontist will answer any question you have concerning the procedure, determine whether a root canal is the best method, and will also evaluate the severity of your tooth decay and infection. An endodontist will also prevent further infection to the bone and other teeth. In addition, services offered by endodontists result in shorter recovery times and less pain during the operation.

In addition to providing root canal therapy, our dental practice also offers preventive and cosmetic dentistry. You can also bring your family to our office for family dentistry appointments. Call us today to book an appointment for any dental procedures.

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