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FaktorDMD is committed to offering our patients the most advanced solutions for maintaining exceptional oral health. We are proud to introduce CariFree products, a groundbreaking line of dental care solutions meticulously designed to combat dental decay and cavities. Whether you are at heightened risk for cavities or seek to safeguard your smile’s integrity, CariFree offers unparalleled solutions tailored to your needs.

Central to the CariFree product line is the CTx3 Rinse, a potent cavity-fighting solution formulated with xylitol and fluoride. This rinse helps neutralize acids in the mouth, remineralize enamel, and disrupt the growth of cavity-causing bacteria.

In conjunction with the CTx3 Rinse, we offer other CariFree producs to meet your dental needs. CariFree equips patients with an arsenal of tools essential for proactive cavity prevention. We work closely with our patients to ensure that the products you’re using at home provide optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Help keep dental decay at bay with CariFree at FaktorDMD in NYC and Manalapan, NJ. With our clinical expertise and CariFree’s pioneering products, you can embrace a cavity-free smile and the confidence that comes with it.

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