Digital Radiography in NYC and Manalapan, NJ

Digital Radiography in NYC and Manalapan, NJ

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Digital Xrays at Faktor DMD, NY

Precision Dentistry

At FaktorDMD, our dentists and dental care team take pride in providing every patient with the highest level of oral care – and that includes using the latest technology to ensure maximum comfort in precision dentistry. One area that we provide these services is through the use of digital radiography. Keep reading to learn how this safer technology is being used in modern dentistry to transform smiles. We’ve got our hands on digital radiology in Manalapan, NJ & Manhattan, NYC, which is why we have managed to maintain a huge clientele so far.

Face Your Future with a Confident Smile

Everyone knows that x-rays are a great diagnostic tool for dentists and other health professionals. What fewer people realize is that there have been significant advancements made in radiology in recent years, such as state-of-the-art digital x-rays. Gone are the days of uncomfortable dental x-rays or the hazardous chemicals that were once required to process them.
Today, FaktorDMD uses a small, pain-free electronic sensor inside patients’ mouths to gather diagnostic and treatment information. Rather than waiting to see whether the old-fashioned x-ray caught the desired image, digital radiology provides an immediate image that can be seen on a computer screen for instant viewing. Having this technology offered by a dentist near you is why FaktorDMD can provide top of the line treatment and will ensure aftercare whenever you may need it.

Our Promise to You: Comfort and Precision Dentistry

Our over-arching objective is to offer every patient an enjoyable dentistry experience and help them regain confidence in their smile. Between the comfort of our offices and the comfort that digital radiography affords to patients, you’re assured that our promise will be kept. Whether you’re seeking a multi-specialty dentist to provide general dental care such as exams and professional tooth cleaning, or you’re in pursuit of a more advanced smile makeover procedure like a dental implant, the caring staff and advanced diagnostic equipment used at FaktorDMD ensure your satisfaction in every regard.

A Multi-Specialty Dentist Provides Multiple Solutions for Your Dental Care

No one likes to be limited in their choices. Although digital radiography is a very useful tool in many applications, there may be times when other factors need to be taken into consideration when developing a treatment plan that’s best suited for each patient’s lifestyle and needs. In those instances, other forms of imaging may be used, but we will always fully explain why they are being used and answer any questions you have before their use. If you’d like to learn more about advanced digital radiography offered at FaktorDMD, our dental care team is ready to answer your questions.
Our dental practice welcomes new patients of all ages from New York City and Manalapan, including Midtown Manhattan, Greenwich, Village, Madison Avenue, Manalapan Township, Englishtown, Freehold, Marlboro Township, Monroe Township, and all surrounding areas.
Digital Radiography at Dr. Derek's Clinic

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