Gum Surgery

Gum Surgery

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Gum Surgery

If you suffer from periodontal disease, there are several surgical solutions that your dentist in NY and NJ may recommend. Excessive plaque and bacteria buildup are the most common cause of gum disease. Over time your body cannot fight the infection. However, certain factors, like chronic illnesses and medications, can make you more susceptible to mouth problems. This is true even if you keep up with good oral hygiene practices.
FaktorDMD is the place for gum graft in Manalapan, NJ & Manhattan, NY, and each dentist here carefully looks into the dental concerns of the patients before starting the treatment process.

Gum Tissues Problems

What’s more, there are multiple cosmetic gum issues. For example, you may have a gummy smile. This means that your teeth appear to be too short, or show too much gum tissue. For others, teeth look like they are too long due to exposed roots. In some cases, the gum line is uneven, meaning the soft tissue covers some tooth areas and more than others. Regardless of the gum tissue concern, these problems can be treated successfully with the following different types of gum surgery.

Types of Gum Surgery in Manalapan, NJ & Manhattan, NY

Also, if you have advanced-stage gum disease, that requires surgery, your New York dentist may discuss the following treatment options with you:
  • Crown Lengthening: Your dentist in New York, NY, will remove excess gum tissue to make teeth appear longer. This procedure is performed to treat periodontal disease and for cosmetic appeal.
  • Gingival Flap or Pocket Reduction Surgery: This procedure involves folding back the gums to remove plaque and bacteria surgically. Then, the soft tissue will be re-attached to the teeth.
  • Regeneration: Like pocket reduction, the gums are folded back, and bacteria are removed. But, then, membranes, bone grafts, or other stimulating proteins are inserted. This process encourages tissue regeneration allows the gums to fit around the teeth again.
  • Soft Tissue Graft: A soft tissue sample is extracted from the mouth and placed on the affected area of the gums. The graft replaces lost tissue due to gum recession or disease. A soft tissue graft is an effective solution for gum disease treatment or cosmetic purposes because it conceals root exposed areas and enhances the appearance of teeth.
Has a dental exam by your dentist determined a need gum surgery? If so, you may be referred to a periodontist. This is a dentist with specialized training focusing on the treatment of gum disease. Schedule an appointment with us considering we offer the best gum surgery near you and ensure complete wellness.

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