We take a multi-disciplinary, whole health approach to oral care and offer a range of services that focus on providing you with the dental experience you deserve.

It’s time to experience a new approach to dentistry


At FaktorDMD, we pride ourselves on offering patients the highest level of oral care, overseen by experienced dental professionals and a trained staff of hygienists and dental assistants. We pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious, offering products and techniques that are bio-compatible.
Services Include:
Periodontal Health & Maintenance
Root Canal Therapy
Oral Surgery
Air Polishing
Porcelain and Tooth Colored Restorations
Digital Radiography
Laser Therapy

“I understand how self-conscious people can be about their smiles; everyone has their own set of concerns and desires when it comes to their teeth. I feel it’s my responsibility to treat every person as an individual, to really listen to what they need and create a plan to help them get there. It’s my objective to create a process for each patient that provides them a smooth transition into their new smile.” – Dr. Derek

Our ultimate reward is hearing the compliments that our patients’ smiles evoke. We strive to help each and every patient make improvements to their lives and well being. We encourage our patients to make healthier choices, such as eating well and exercising, to help them maintain a smile that they can be proud of.
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Most people don’t realize that overall health risks associated with tooth loss. Losing one or more of your teeth not only changes the way you look, but it affects your ability to chew properly and, ultimately, will have a negative effect on your diet and nutrition. If that wasn’t enough, tooth loss has also been proven to cause bone loss.
We offer implant services by an expert restorative dentist, on site, and our patients praise the convenience of the seamless transition from the surgical phase to final restoration under one roof.
This multi-disciplinary, in-house approach allows us to offer the comfort and efficiency necessary for the best patient outcome. From the surgical removal of teeth to the rebuilding of bone through grafting procedures, we take oral health care to the highest level possible.

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