Are Your Aging Parents Miserable from Dental Problems?

February 17, 2023 fakt_md_aDmEeN

Aging and certain health conditions make seniors and aging parents more prone to dental issues. It makes keeping the teeth and mouth of older adults tough. Thus, if your parents are having trouble maintaining self-care and dental hygiene requirements, consider the following tips.

How to Help Your Aging Parents Maintain Good Dental Health?

Below are the steps you can take to help your elderly loved one maintain a healthy set of teeth and gums for longer:

Schedule Routine Dental Visits

Fixing appointments at the dental clinic near you regularly is the best way to prevent oral health issues for longer. According to the American Dental Association, every person must make a trip to the dentist at least once annually for a dental check-up and teeth cleaning.

The best dentist NYC will identify the severe health conditions that your parents might be facing at the earliest. It will help you treat these conditions promptly before they turn worse. If your parents take any medicine or have a medical condition, inform this your dentist. Also, if he/she suffers from a dry mouth problem, the dentist will recommend tips to offer relief.

Support them Financially

Today, receiving a dental implant to replace a missing tooth or a tooth extraction is expensive. But thankfully, older adults have many options available to save money on medical care. As you know, maintaining good dental health is essential to maintaining general health.

You can ease the burden of maintaining their dental health by enrolling your aged parents in a dental discount plan. These programs are a perfect alternative to dental insurance for seniors. They will usually receive a tiny fee every month. The discount programs are ideal for people on a tight budget and require high-quality dental care services.

Numerous dentists usually offer dental services at low cost via Dental Society Sponsored Assistant Programs. To find your nearest low-cost location and program, call the local dental society today.

Keep them Stocked with Essential Supplies

Another method to help your parents maintain a healthy set of gums and teeth is by keeping them stocked with essential supplies like soft-bristled toothbrushes, dental flosses, and anti-sensitivity toothpaste. It will ensure that your parents have at least something available in case they misplace it.

Remind to Floss Once and Brush Twice Every Day with a Fluoride Toothpaste

With aging, people tend to forget certain things. If this is the case with your parents, help them to brush their teeth two times daily using a fluoride paste. It will ensure that the teeth and the mouth stay free from bacteria. Flossing can also help in the prevention of gum diseases and plaque build-up. If your parents find it difficult to floss, speak to the dentist about what other methods or dental tools you can use to help them.

To set friendly reminders, you can use simple colorful sticky notes marked as don’t forget to help your parents maintain a good oral hygiene routine. However, if they are technologically savvy, setting an electronic reminder can help. To offer the necessary reminders, you can also replace their toothbrush daily or fix appointments with the best restorative dentist NYC on their behalf.

Keep Dentures Clean Daily

Remind your parents to clean their partial or full dentures every day. Also, remind them to eradicate them before sleeping at night. If you have a caregiver or a nursing staff, ask them to remove the dental prosthetic your aged parent wears every night. Also, ensure the staff cleans the inside of your mouth using a washcloth or soft-bristled toothbrush.

Motivate Your Aged Parents to Quit Smoking

Helping your elderly parents quit smoking can be tough. But it is essential if you want to minimize their risk for numerous health issues. Talk to the dentist at FaktorDMD Cosmetic Dentistry & Implants – NYC to get some medicine or methods to help them stop smoking.

Give a Healthy Diet

Always offer a well-balanced diet to your loved one. It includes a diet that is not high in sugar. Doing this will help in preventing decay and other health issues. If your parents are facing gum disease, tooth decay, or have broken teeth that may be disturbing them to eat a diet, speak this to our dentist. He/she is an expert in general dentistry NYC and will create a suitable plan to treat these issues comfortably.

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