With over 40 years of combined experience, Dr. Amnon and Derek Faktor, dentist near you in Manalapan, NJ, have perfected their unique approach to dentistry. Their Complete Care Approach allows them to focus on the long term needs of every patient.


Dr. Minel Simo earned her undergraduate B.S. degree in General Science from Pennsylvania State University and her D.M.D from Rutgers University School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Simo completed postgraduate training in a Level-1 trauma center as a general practice resident at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ.
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FaktorDMD New Jersey

Looking for a dentist near you in Marlboro Township or Monroe Township? From our doctors to our luxurious in-practice experiences to our full team of dental professionals – we have built FaktorDMD to offer everything you need restore and rejuvenate your smile at our dental office in Manalapan Township, NJ. Our dental office includes some of the tri-state area’s leading dentistry professionals to help guide you down a path of wellness and optimal dental health. Through continued education in today’s newest treatments and cutting-edge technologies, we are able to deliver the most effective, enjoyable dental experience available. Book your visit today!


Best Dentist In Manalapan, NJ

Taking care of your oral health shouldn’t have to be a chore. You deserve quality dental care from experts who know the industry and the techniques necessary to give you back your smile. If you’re looking for a dentist in 07726 or the surrounding area, then our Manalapan dentist is the one for you.

More than just a dentist’s office, we offer an experience like none other and a full range of dental services that will repair and restore your smile and give you back your confidence.

Here are some of our services:

General Dentistry

The main thing that we do as part of our general dentistry service is manage your overall oral health. This includes routine cleanings for teeth and gums, dental exams to check for things like cavities and gum disease, and more sensitive screenings for things like oral cancer.

Routine maintenance of your oral health is the first line of defense when it comes to taking care of your or your family’s teeth, tongue, mouth, and gums. Checkups should be done regularly in order to catch any issues that may be developing. When more serious issues do develop, FaktorDMD New Jersey has services to treat a variety of dental issues.

Emergency Dentistry

No one wants to end up in a dentist's chair in an emergency, but when you do, you want the right dental team looking after you. FaktorDMD is there for you to treat emergencies like emergency extractions, root canals, swelling, bleeding, and other issues.

You should never have to suffer in pain with a dental emergency. If you are experiencing pain, swelling, unexpected tooth loss, sensitivity, or any other oral health issues that are out of the ordinary, Visit our emergency dentist in Manalapan, NJ for emergency treatment.

Dental Implants

Dealing with the loss of several teeth doesn’t mean you have to give up having a fabulous smile or eating your favorite foods. One of the most popular procedures for restoring your smile is dental implants.

Dental implants can be attached to existing teeth and form and stronger and more permanent solution than dentures.

Root Canals

Having a cracked or infected tooth is never something we want to deal with. When it happens though, it’s important to get to a dentist for a root canal treatment immediately. A root canal is often the most effective way to prevent the spread of infection to the gums and adjoining teeth.

These types of preventative procedures can often save your smile and your oral health, even when the unexpected happens.

Click here to see a full list of FaktorDMD’s dental services.

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We take a multi-disciplinary, complete care approach to oral care. Our range of services focuses on providing you with the dental experience you deserve. Have you appointment scheduled with a dentist in Manalapan, NJ prating at our dental clinic.

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