Root Canals in NYC and Manalapan, NJ

Root Canals in NYC and Manalapan, NJ

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Root Canals

Many patients are not familiar with root canals and are generally unaware of what they are or how they work to treat pain. Our dentists at FaktorDMD in both our Manalapan, NJ, and Manhattan, NYC practices will encourage our patients to learn more and seek treatment if they experience pain anywhere in their mouths.
Contact FaktorDMD to discover the convenience of having a dentist near you being able to ensure root canal treatments are done using the latest equipment and techniques.

Root Canal 101

A root canal is performed by your dental professional to preserve the tooth when there is decay that reaches the pulp of the tooth. The pulp contains blood vessels and nerves that were vital when your teeth were developing. During a root canal, your dentist will remove these inflamed or infected tissues and place a filling in the area. You may also need a crown on the tooth if the structure has been weakened.
Root Canal 101

Will There Be Pain During/After Treatment?

Root canals are performed in order to relieve pain that is felt in the tooth when the pulp has become infected or inflamed. Modern dentistry has made this procedure comfortable, with many patients reporting that they do not feel pain during the procedure.
There may be some sensitivity in the tooth for a few days after the root canal has been performed. However, this can be managed effectively with over-the-counter pain medications.

Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

Often, a patient is not aware that they need a root canal until their dentist recommends it. Other times, the pain experienced may cause patients to suspect that an infection or some other issue is present. Some signs to look for in your tooth that could indicate the need for a root canal include:
  • Severe pain in the tooth when biting or chewing
  • Chips or cracks in teeth
  • Pimples that appear on the gums
  • Sensitivity to cold or hot items that linger
  • Tenderness or swollen gums
  • Decay or darkening of teeth or gums
If you are concerned about your dental health, there is no need to worry when working with our team at FaktorDMD. Patients will see their health increase in just one visit to either our Manalapan, NJ or Manhattan, NYC office. To schedule an appointment for an exam and professional cleaning, contact our office at your convenience.
Our dental practice welcomes new patients of all ages from New York City and Manalapan, including Midtown Manhattan, Greenwich, Village, Madison Avenue, Manalapan Township, Englishtown, Freehold, Marlboro Township, Monroe Township, and all surrounding areas.
Root Canal Treatment


Jaime Ardiles

After several unsuccessful and painful tries with other dentists, I called my personal physician and asked him for a reference. He did not hesitate; he gave me Dr. Faktor’s number. It was on a Sunday and the pain was reaching the entire jaw.
On arrival what I found was an immaculate and spacious office with state-of-the-art equipment and great views of the New York skyline, and a man ready to hear and understand what I had to tell him. After emergency treatment we agreed on an appointment date.
I had to have a root canal, and waited for the date in fear of what I remember was a painful procedure. Shouldn’t have. By his polite and confident talk I was left completely at ease. What is more, there was no pain at all! The gentleness of his touch and work are commendable.
Before I left, he showed me X-rays of what he had achieved – something new, as other dentists don’t bother.
I left his office immensely gratified, in the knowledge that I had finally found the best.

Natasha Bhatia

I get terrible anxiety before any dental appointment due to experiences with former dentists. My associate highly recommended Dr. Faktor and literally ordered me to make an appointment. He assured me that I would not regret it and boy was he right.
I will admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, but that all changed the minute I stepped into Dr. Faktor’s office. The receptionists were absolutely wonderful and made me feel right at home. Both Dr. A and Dr. D are fantastic and knew exactly what to do to keep me calm throughout my procedures.
Please do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Dr. Faktor. You will not be disappointed!

Darren Kutz

I love going to Dr Derek because it’s one stop shopping and he’s up on all the latest techniques and technologies. I don’t need to go to other doctors for things like root canal or implants. The staff is always pleasant and they all stop to say hello. You truly feel like one of the family. Erica and Lisa are the best. They always make sure you’re comfortable and cared for. I’ve been to many dentist before finding Dr Derek and i will be going to him for the rest of my life. When you find the best, why look at the rest.

Gloria Oudine

Usually going to the dentist is not a pleasant experience. However, Dr. Faktor and his staff make you feel comfortable and at ease. More importantly, his work is very thorough and methodical. In addition, he is always available to answer any concerns you may have, even after work hours. Thank you, Dr. Faktor, for giving me my smile back!

mary sierra-cordes

Dr. Faktor and his stafff are wonderful. I have had plenty of dental work over the years until the last few. I was not in good shape and they made me feel so comfortable. It’s been my experience that sometimes we feel shamed for
Neglecting ourselves no matter the reasons. Obviously, a good dentist Doctor will tell you that you must stay on top of proper care etc. Dr Faktor and his team didn’t make me feel awful! Not only was I not embarrassed by the state of my teeth they made me feel like a new VIP Patient! No shaming! So relaxed and I didn’t feel a thing! I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family !!!

Joe Jr.

I always look forward to an appointment with Dr. Amnon and Derek Faktor -two of the nicest, friendly, and professional doctors I know. I’ve been going there for over 30 years now. They truly care about their patients and really enjoy getting to know them personally. I always have a good time in the chair -joking with them and making them laugh…even when their fingers are stuffed into the back of my mouth (before biting down on them, lol!) And the quality of work they do in filling cavities, performing root canals and doing crown/cap work? One word: phenomenal. They do the job once…and the job is done right! Visiting the Faktors’ office is always a very “pleasurable experience”.

Janelle Tomeko

I was really impressed with my experience at FaktorDMD Dental Office. Before going there, I went to a few consultations with other dentists, but I wasn’t satisfied with the service. As soon as I met Dr. Faktor, I felt extremely comfortable, and I could tell he genuinely cared about me as a patient. Both the Dr. and staff have really good energy. I didn’t feel rushed through the process which was extremely important for me. Dr. Faktor took his time to explain my treatment plan, and walked me through the process answering all of my questions. I left the office knowing for sure I found my dentist. The office is modern, bright, clean and beautifully designed. The massaging dental chair was such a pleasant surprise. I’ve already recommended him to a few of my friends. His smile (he has awesome teeth), and demeanor had me sold. I’m actually looking forward to my next appointment because I know I will be in good hands.

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