Can Root Canal Stop Tooth Decay and Save Your Tooth???

Can Root Canal Stop Tooth Decay and Save Your Tooth???

May 1, 2022 fakt_md_aDmEeN

A root canal is a common and effective treatment in dentistry. There would not be anyone who won’t be aware of the benefits. The treatment involves the removal of infected pulp that causes pain instead of removing the whole tooth. When it comes to the answer to the question, which root canal protects the tooth?

Of course, it’s a big yes! Root canal treatment only works on the infected area. A root canal is a long process done step by step at the dental office. This post will help you find whether a root canal treatment helps in stopping decay and saving affected teeth or not.

Steps Involved in Root Canal


The first step of the process contains the assessment of the damage. It is done through X-rays. When it comes to bacteria inside the mouth, they do not attack at once. But they act gradually and put your tooth on the damage.

Once you identify the problem and go to the dentist, he/she will try to assess the extent of damage before moving ahead with any treatment. After the assessment, the dental professional will clean the area.


The next step root canal procedure involves cleaning the area so that there could not be a trace of bacteria. It stops the chances for further damage.

These days endodontist Manalapan is referring to ozone therapy for deep cleaning. At this stage, the dental expert removes the damaged pulp and fills the area with a temporary filling.

Filling and Capping

At this stage, the professional eliminates a temporary filling and places a permanent filling inside. For this, permanent capping is done so that it can become tight and could be there for a long time.

Who Needs Root Canal???

When a person experiences severe pain on the bone, jaw, and other unaffected teeth. There could be a need for a root canal. Immediate action on the problem would protect the tooth from further decay.

  • Hypersensitivity – If a certain part of your teeth set has become overly sensitive to cold and hot food.
  • Discoloration of the tooth is another sign that indicates the need for a root canal.
  • Swollen and tender gums.

When you experience these signs, you should find endodontics near you.

Root Canal Last Hope to Save the Gum Before Extraction

Extraction is the final stage when there is no hope left. A root canal can save the remaining tooth from decay if noticed at early stages. After filling and capping, the surrounding jawbone starts supporting the tooth. It retains its functionality once again.

When you choose to have a root canal, go for an expert like a Manalapan dentist who has experience in such removal and placement. The success of the treatment depends on how sharply the cleaning and filling have been done.

A root canal is an effective way of protecting your tooth from severe damage and extraction. The dentist performs it when he/she can save other teeth from decay.

How to Maintain Root Canal???

The life of any dental treatment depends on the care and attention you pay to them. Once you have done a root canal, you should be mindful of the cleaning routine and food that you are eating.

There are some precautions and tips that you should follow to keep your teeth healthy and enhance the impact of root canal treatment.

  • Brush your teeth three times a day. Make sure to use fluoride toothpaste. And floss in between the teeth so that there won’t be any food accumulation.
  • Be mindful about the food you are having. At the initial stage of root canal recovery, I prefer to eat soft food.
  • Avoid hard and raw food like raw fruits and vegetables. They put excessive pressure on teeth and may lead to the failure of the root canal.
  • Stay away from sugary and sticky food. Sugary food leads to bacteria growing faster.
  • Include dairy products in your diet. These products are rich in calcium. Thus, they help in the faster recovery of dental treatment and boost dental health.

A root canal is stunning and results in saving teeth. The life longevity of the treatment solely depends on your attention and the efforts you put into care and protection.

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