Everything to Know About 3D Dental x-rays

March 1, 2020 fakt_md_aDmEeN

The dental industry is getting better as the days go by. With modern technology, a dentist can treat a patient more confidently because he or she is sure that he/she is addressing the right infection. In this article, we will explore 3D dental x-rays.

What is 3D Dental x-rays?

Just as the name suggests, 3D dental x-rays take pictures of a patient’s mouth and shows them in a 3D version. With this technology, the dentist can take a panoramic view of a patient’s mouth, which helps improve accuracy during the treatment. The dentist can treat a disease with confidence since he doesn’t depend on signs and symptoms to diagnose.

How does it Work?

If you, for example, visit Faktor DMD, the dentist will ask you to sit still as the machine rotates around your head, doing a complete 360-degree scan.

The process is quick, so you won’t need to spend all your day in the clinic. You will also not need to move from your chair for the entire time. After the dentist takes the pictures, he can use them to diagnose then treat a problem.

Benefits of 3D Dental x-rays

Let’s have a quick look at why you need 3D x-rays of your teeth. We have outline the benefits of dental x-rays for not only dentists 10022 but also patients.

Numerous Views of the Mouth

3D dental x-rays use radiation that is more of the same as conventional radiographic imaging. This means that a 3D cone beam converts all the images taken from your mouth into a 3D view. The images can also be viewed as well as manipulated on a computer using a software. The images taken are a complete view of your facial anatomy ever provided for dental use.

This 3D technology originates from a CAT scan, which is common in medicine. The CAT scan rotates around you (a patient) very fast, whereas the 3D beam scanner on the arm once around your head.

A 3D X-ray machine is very reliable. The images taken are accurate and fast to obtain. This means that a dentist can take as many images as he wants to make sure everything is accurate.

The images allow the dentist to see everything in your mouth, including jaw anatomy, bone structure, nerve tracks, and soft tissues. This helps him with procedures such as the placement of dental implants and root canal therapy.

It is worth noting that no special preparation is necessary during 3D dental X-rays, and no discomfort is associated with it.

Less Radiation Exposure

3D dental X-rays give off way less radiation compared to CAT scans in medicine. The radiation produced by these machines is the lowest.

Increased Confidence

3D dental x-rays ensures that there is nothing to hide from the dentist’s view. These images give a complete picture of the jaw, oral, and other dental areas. This increases his/her confidence and makes it easy to diagnose as well as treat most dental infections.

As a patient, these images help decrease stress. For example, if you can see a 3D image of a fractured root, and the dentist advises you on treatment, it makes you trust that the dentist knows what he is talking about.

The dentist can make the best decision for your mouth with the help of these images.

Are 3D Dental X-rays Safe?

Most people are worried about x-rays because of radiation, and they have a right to be. However, you should not be worried about the radiation emitted by a 3D x-ray machine because it is extremely small. These machines have even been cleared by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry to be used on children.

If you are still worried about this topic, you can book an appointment with Faktor DMD, and we will be happy to discuss all about it with you.

Treatment with Confidence

Modern technology has made it easy for dentists to diagnose and treat infections with confidence. One of the things that have improved this industry is a 3D x-ray machine. It captures images inside one’s mouth in 3D, which makes it easy to identify an infection.

It also eases the stress from the patient since he can see where the problem is, and the dentist can advise on treatment. These machines have very small radiation amounts, so you have nothing to worry about.

Always ask the clinic if they have a 3D x-ray machine before you get treated. You can always count on us. We provide services such as smile makeovers, dental implants, and general care. Dr. Derek and Amnon Faktor have experience of 40+ years in this industry!

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