The Dental Services Offered in General Dentistry

The Dental Services Offered in General Dentistry

February 1, 2020 Dr Derek Faktor

Dentistry is a wide medical field that deals with different dimensions of dental care. Modern dentistry has it that no oral problem is unsolvable. With different specialties that can address specific dental issues, one would wonder why it is still important to acknowledge general dentistry.

What is General Dentistry?

It is a specialty of dentistry concerned with the primary dental care provision. A general dentist is usually in charge of all the services offered in general dentistry.
Ideally, before you are certain about your oral ailment, a dentist near you has to examine your mouth and give a proper diagnosis. Such services are offered by a general dentist rather than a dental expert who has specialized in a certain oral treatment.

General dentists are not less qualified than other types of dental experts. Indeed, they have undergone all the right training for them to qualify as medical professionals with expertise in dental care. The only major difference is that they handle general dental services in Manalapan, NJ and New York, NY, while others specialize in specific parts of the mouth.

Are General Dentists Sufficiently Trained?

Before you can work in any dental office in midtown Manhattan, NY, you must be well trained, with the necessary background education. General dentists are required to earn a DDS or DMD degree before they can begin practicing as dental experts. Their education is marked by three or more years of undergraduate education, and an additional four years of dental school. This, therefore, makes them qualified and sufficiently equipped to handle different dental problems.

What Is the Role of A General Dentist?

In dentistry, perhaps general dentists handle the most tasks because of how inclusive they are to different dental problems.

Every person should be visiting a dentist regularly, as part of proper dental care. Talking to a dental expert regarding your oral progress is the best way to ensure everything is working as it should. Some of the services offered in general dentistry include:

  • Dental exams – these examinations include physical checkups as well as x-rays. They are necessary for keeping up with your oral health. For most of the dental diagnosis, a dental exam is needed to conclusively determine the underlying oral problems.
  • Dental disease diagnosis – most diagnoses in matters of oral health are diagnosed by a general dentist. As he/she examines your teeth, they have access to your gums, tongue, tonsils, jawbone, and teeth. Any anomaly in all these areas will trigger further examination, and ultimately a diagnosis. After your diagnosis, a general dentist will determine the best treatment for your case. Complex diagnosis calls for specialized intervention, for example, periodontitis is best handled by a periodontist over a general dentist.
  • Teeth cleaning – professional teeth cleaning is offered in general dentistry. It is a great way to clear out the way so your dentist can properly determine whether you have other dental problems. It helps get rid of stubborn plaque between and on teeth, as well are scrape off any tartar from your teeth. Technically, it is not always a general dentist’s job to clean your teeth. The service can be offered by a dental hygienist, but it still lies under general dentistry.
  • Tooth extractions – the removal of a tooth from its root is often conducted by a general dentist. This is for all the random situations that require tooth extraction. However, in some cases, the tooth to be extracted may be stubborn. Any complications in the situation can have your dentist refer you to a different dental practitioner, for example, an oral surgeon. However, these cases are very rare.
  • Dental bonding procedures – dental bonding is commonly used in dentistry as a process of which dental appliances are attached to the patient’s teeth. When attaching dental fillings, oral crowns, and dental bridges, for instance, the dental bonding procedure is used. Such matters are handled by a general dentist.

General dentists work hand in hand with other dental experts, ranging from orthodontists to periodontists, to offer the best experience for patients. Now that you know what general dentistry Entails, book an appointment with Faktor DMD – dentist in New York, NY and Manalapan, NJ today for all your oral health concerns.

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