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Even after brushing our teeth twice daily, we can’t be sure that we have cleaned every corner of the mouth thoroughly. Food particles and dirt might still be stuck inside the teeth holes and other areas of the dental structure. If you are not the type that visits the dentist for a thorough dental checkup, this is one reason why you should consider getting a dental checkup.

A comprehensive dental exam is nothing like urgent dental care. It is a scheduled dental appointment that involves a thorough cleaning of the teeth, examination of the gums and teeth health, diagnostic checkups, and oral screenings to provide and assure good dental health. Dental checkups help the dentist to know the dental health status of the patient and also prevent dental problems from getting worse. Also, people who have oral health problems are advised to see the dentist more frequently. A comprehensive dental examination is different from a simple dental checkup. It includes everything that a dental patient might need in procuring good oral health. You can see a dentist in Manalapan, NJ, for your dental exam and cleanings.

During a comprehensive dental exam, the dentist would perform the following examinations:

Head and Neck

This involves a thorough examination of the irregularities that might be affecting the head and neck. During this examination, the dentist would examine the area that connects the jawbone to the skull (temporomandibular joint) to ensure no irregularities. The dentist would also check for symptoms of infections and signs of inflammation or soreness around the neck area, which includes the salivary glands and lymph nodes.

Soft Tissue

There are soft tissues inside our mouth that also need a thorough examination. These soft tissues are the cheeks, inside the lips, the tongue, the back of the throat, the tonsil area, the upper and lower roof of the mouth. The dentist would check out for signs of infections or growth that could cause problems in the soft tissues.

Gum Tissue

The gums are essential in keeping the teeth in their rightful position. They support the teeth and enhance the appearance of the dental structure. When inspecting the gum tissues, the dentist would lookout for signs of gum infection (periodontitis). If there are signs of gum disease, the dentist might suggest immediate treatment after performing a diagnostic exam.

Dental X-rays

The dentist can also perform an x-ray examination to check for other oral problems that cannot be seen or felt. This would help the dentist carry out a perfect dental assessment. The dentist can also perform an oral screening to check for oral diseases like oral cancer. You can get an oral screening near you.


Dentists can check for dental irregularities like misalignment, crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and biting problems. These dental irregularities can damage the dental and facial appearance. Also, the patient would not be able to use their teeth properly.

Clinical Examination of teeth

The dentist would perform a clinical examination of the teeth using dental equipment to check for degraded areas around the teeth. Patients who have dental restorations like dental crowns, dental bridge, dentures, braces, dental fillings, and other repairs can receive thorough dental checkup that helps to check for problems that might be affecting their restorative dental treatments.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Comprehensive Dental Exam?

There are various benefits that you can get from a comprehensive dental checkup. If you need a thorough dental exam, you can see a dentist near you or visit the Manalapan dentist.

  • A comprehensive dental exam is essential for people who want to get notified about their dental health status. This helps them to do the right things that are important to their dental health.
  • A comprehensive dental exam also helps dental patients who have had dental treatment to heal faster and prevent further dental problems in the future.
  • A comprehensive dental exam can also help detect medical conditions showing signs or symptoms inside the mouth. This means that if the dentist suspects or sees something irregular inside the mouth that doesn’t indicate dental disease, you might be recommended to see your physician for further examinations. Also, early detection of an oral or medical condition gives the patient a higher chance of receiving early treatment, which might help the patient recover on time.
  • You can also get dental health tips from the dentist after your dental appointment. These dental health tips would help you maintain good oral health until you see the dentist again for another comprehensive dental exam.

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