The Time Needed to Heal after Tooth Extraction Before Getting Dentures

The Time Needed to Heal after Tooth Extraction Before Getting Dentures

November 1, 2022 fakt_md_aDmEeN

Dentures help replace missing teeth if you have a few or all your teeth removed due to infections or other reasons. You might express happiness after tooth extraction in Manalapan with the information that you can get dentures to replace the missing teeth. However, you might have apprehensions about whether dentures suit your situation or how long you must wait to get these prosthetics in your mouth after losing some or all your teeth.

The Manalapan dentist extracting your teeth might suggest you might have to wait for your gums and oral tissues to recover before they can place dentures in your mouth. While you might wonder how to manage your mouth functionality without teeth, you find it beneficial to allow the tooth socket to recover before getting dentures as replacements for the missing teeth.

How Long Must You Wait After Tooth Removal for Denture Placement?

The kind of dental appliance you seek to replace your missing teeth determines the time you must wait before having them. If you decide on custom-created devices, you require a minimum of three to six months for your gums to heal after tooth removal for placement of the dental appliance.

Can You Have Immediate Dentures after Tooth Removal?

Immediate dentures are created for placement soon after tooth removal, and you can consider having them to preserve the integrity of your mouth and jaw. Unfortunately, your jawbone starts shrinking after tooth removal because it doesn’t receive the stimulation needed from the cutting and munching forces of your teeth. If you decide to have immediate dentures near Freehold, NJ, the providers will happily deliver them with information that you must have them refitted frequently to accommodate the changes in your shrinking jawbone. Therefore you must research and discuss with the Manalapan dentist the best solutions for missing teeth replacements.

What If You Want Dentures Stabilized by Dental Implants?

If you consider stabilizing dentures with dental implants, you must wait for at least six months before the dental office you contact considers you eligible for the dental implant process. Placing dental implants involves surgery to embed a titanium screw in your jawbone, besides lengthy healing time for the titanium screw to integrate with your jawbone in the process called osseointegration.

After completing osseointegration, another surgery for attaching abutments to hold the dental crown requires further waiting for another two weeks before the dental office customizes a porcelain crown matching your remaining teeth explicitly for you. Therefore if you are desperate to have tooth placements immediately, you must discuss your options with the dentist and keep an open mind to invest in solutions best suited for your needs.

What Happens If You Need Replacements for A Few Teeth?

If you need partial dentures to replace a couple of extracted teeth, the dentist provides partial dentures attaching to the adjacent teeth next to the edentulous gap. Removable partials are adequate to close the gaps between your teeth but require customization from the Freehold provider to ensure you have a proper fit.

While you can have removable partials created soon after tooth extraction, you must wait until the tooth socket heals from the removal procedure before the dentist fits the custom-made appliance to your neighboring teeth using metal or porcelain clasps.

Tooth replacement solutions, whether dentures or dental implants are not cost-effective options, although dentures cost the least among various solutions. However, your tooth socket must heal before you get missing tooth replacements to ensure the prosthetic remains securely in your mouth without needing frequent relining or adjustments.

It would help if you thought about replacement solutions soon after your dentist recommends tooth extraction or conditions affecting your mouth. Whether you choose implants or dentures, you must allow your tooth socket to heal before getting them to restore your mouth functionality and smile. The optimal way to determine which replacement solution suits your needs is to discuss your treatment with your dentist and decide in conjunction with them to close the yawning gaps in your mouth.

Before getting missing teeth replacements, you must also ensure you maintain appropriate dental hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth as recommended by the dentist and getting exams and cleanings frequently to avoid dental issues building up on your teeth. Preventing dental infections on your teeth is of prime importance because they can delay your therapy for replacing your missing teeth.

If you are getting teeth extracted for conditions affecting you, Faktor DMD — Manalapan, NJ, provides replacement solutions like dentures to alleviate your situation. Kindly do not hesitate to contact them for the replacement of your choice before getting your teeth extracted by them.

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