What are the Advantages of Digital Radiography

What Are the Advantages of Digital Radiography?

August 17, 2022 fakt_md_aDmEeN

Digital radiography is a modern type of x-ray imaging that uses digital x-ray sensors. Previously, dentists used traditional photographic x-ray films. It produces enhanced images of the oral cavity that help diagnose and treat dental issues. Read on to learn about dental digital radiology in Manhattan, NY.

Types and Uses of Digital Radiography in Dentistry

There are two methods to take digital dental radiographs at the general dentistry in NYC. A dentist can take them from inside the mouth (intraoral) or outside the mouth (extraoral). Intraoral x-rays are used to identify individual tooth problems such as cavities. Extraoral x-rays can detect jaw, teeth, and other facial bone issues.

Types of intraoral x-rays include Periapical x-rays and bitewing. Periapical X-rays show the entire tooth, including the crown, roots, and supporting bone. These digital x-rays help dentists detect tooth roots and surrounding bone structure abnormalities. In addition, they are useful in treating conditions like gum disease and detecting dental abscesses.

Bitewing x-rays show the details of the lower and upper teeth in an area of the mouth. They help the best dentist in NYC detect decay between teeth and fix tooth restorations.

There are various types of extraoral digital x-rays. They include:

  • Cone-beam computerized tomography (CBCT) is used to identify tumors and fractures. The x-rays also help bone evaluation for implant placement and difficult tooth extractions.
  • Multi-slice computed tomography (MCT) helps the dentist examine oral cavity structures. It enables them to view those that are difficult to see.
  • Panorex x-rays are useful in creating treatment plans for dental implants. They help dentists detect impacted teeth, jaw issues, tumors, and cysts.
  • Sialography is used in the identification of salivary gland problems.

Advantages of Digital Radiography

Most dentists, including the best cosmetic dentist in NYC, use digital dental radiographs in their practices. This is because they have several advantages over traditional dental x-rays. The benefits of digital radiography include:

  1. They can be viewed immediately on a computer screen and manipulated to enhance details. The images can also be easily transmitted without affecting their quality.
  2. These x-rays help in diagnosis since they reveal hidden areas of the mouth. The dentist uses them to detect decay between teeth, periodontal disease, cysts, tumors, and abscesses. They also help diagnose bone infections and issues with existing restorations.
  3. Dental records can be stored, retrieved, and sent easily. the feature enables the dentist to send them to other specialists or insurance companies. This facilitates effective treatments or quick insurance reimbursements.
  4. Digital radiography promotes early detection and treatment of oral health issues. This saves you time, money, and discomfort associated with invasive procedures.
  5. You will spend a shorter time at the dentist’s office. It is because no preparations are required before the x-rays. In addition, the process of taking x-rays is fast and simple.
  6. It has a digital micro-storage technology that allows the dentist to store large amounts of data. The dentist can store all your dental information in one area, making it easier to access in an emergency.
  7. The technology covers various angles and offers a more streamlined view of the mouth. Therefore, it allows the dentist to detect problems earlier. It also helps the expert note problems related to previous dental work.
  8. The technology promotes radiation safety. It protects you from harmful radiation during treatment or diagnosis.

Who Can Benefit From Digital Radiology?

Anyone can benefit from digital radiology in Manhattan, NY. Digital radiography has very low radiation making it safe for adults and kids. Besides, the dentist will use a lead apron to prevent radiation exposure to your vital organs. They will place it over your abdomen, chest, and pelvic region whenever they use the device.

The dentist can perform digital radiology during comprehensive dental exams. They may also be taken to track your progress after certain procedures. How often you get the x-rays depends on your age, current oral health, and symptoms exhibited.

Kids need digital radiology more often than adults since their teeth are developing. The images will help the dentist monitor the growth of their teeth to ensure they develop properly. As a result, their dentist will prevent or detect developmental issues early.

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