What No Doctor Wants To Tell You About Dentures and Why They’re NOT A Long Term Solution

What No Doctor Wants To Tell You About Dentures and Why They’re NOT A Long Term Solution

October 12, 2015 Dr Derek Faktor

Did you know there are over 35 million Americans that do not have any teeth? Of those without teeth, only 15% have dentures made and even less wear them.

Why do so few people use dentures? Although dentures are one of the most affordable solutions for replacing missing teeth, there are too many deterrents that prevent people from getting them or using the ones they have. Based on patient complaints, here are the two biggest problems:

• The thought of taking teeth out of your mouth at night is, well, a nightmare.
• Dentures and aging don’t mix well. Without adequate support and stability from teeth or implants, dentures have a tendency to accelerate bone loss.

Aging already poses many challenges to our health and physical wellbeing.  Eating and functioning get harder with age and dentures make the struggle worse. The consequences can result in changes in our digestive system, coronary artery disease diabetes and even our mental state!  Early onset dementia and alzheimer’s are on the rise so making sure we are fully taking care of our health as we age is crucial. The golden years can become impossible to live the way you dreamed when dentures render you nearly incapacitated.

What does this mean to you? To your parents?

What most people don’t know is that they have choices. If you have missing teeth, you have options. Dentures are NOT your only solution. With advancements in today’s dental industry, patients have more options than ever to address their missing teeth concerns. Missing teeth can affect people at any age and people are living longer than ever before; which is why the techniques I use focus on creating long term, life long solutions. Among these solutions, dental implants are my favorite.

Meet the new dental implant.

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Our implant supported bridge replaces the lost gum tissue in a highly polished ceramic material along with the teeth. Often used when someone is missing all their teeth and wants something permanent in their mouth rather than something that comes in and out.

This is not your grandparent’s implant. This is the implant of the future. It offers predictable, easy solutions to tooth loss with proven, long term success. Using the newest technology available, we place implants using CT scans, radiographic guided surgical protocols and printed surgical placement tools – so your implants get placed with pinpoint accuracy. In the past, implants had to be placed before teeth could be inserted. Not anymore. The technology I use is so advanced, that most times we’re able to design, create and insert your new teeth at the same time the implants are placed. The entire implant process has been rethought. The simplified procedure results in shorter visits and quicker healing, giving you the smile you deserve faster than ever before.

I’m not asking you to throw away those dentures or to commit to a full smile of implants. I’m just asking you to explore your options. You’re not limited to missing teeth or dentures when a complete smile is just a simple, dental implant process away.


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